Random Triv!

I keep clicking the wrong icons and loading programs/websites I don't want to load.

I haven't caught any infectious diseases yet.

5 x 5 = 25

My signature has no constant image.

Fuller Stuff About Me

I was born on the 25th of January, 1989, 2 or 3 weeks late and with a tooth or 2, crazy, I know.

I've never really planned any of the animations, they're the products of the moments. I wasn't planned either!

Almost gave up on this, so boring, same everywhere, oh yes, I like movies, music, this that, zzzzzzzzzz.

Dunno what else to write tho! From drawing as a child part of me always wanted to animate, but I didn't get a chance, until I discovered Flash in year 11, and then properly started playing around with it in year 12. A lot of break times and lunches were used in it and sometimes Computing, my bad. Got caught a couple of times, had to show a bad movie or two and my teacher asked a few times if I knew about tweening, I did and I often used it, stop asking.

I've left school, strangely do kinda miss it, it wasn't all bad, the good times were really good. I like to think I got better since the early days, if I hadn't I'd be making far worse movies, trust me.

I also like photography, images get uploaded on DeviantArt, best place to check them out.



Movie played at the Cine City Film Festival 2010

Qualifications - A Levels and GCSEs in an array of grades from A* to C

I hope to achieve more in my life!